About Us


ACE is a Member-based Association Incorporated in South Australia. It was formed by a group of passionate cave divers and instructors wanting to increase the availability to cave diving sites in Australia to both Domestic and International divers, as well as facilitate the teaching of internationally recognised and standardised cave diver training. 

ACE provides a place of belonging to cave divers, somewhere to find an instructor, a buddy or an expedition. ACE does not offer its own training continuum or have its own instructors. ACE does however, recognise the certifications issued by professional instructors conducting courses under diver training agencies such as TDI, IANTD, PSAI, RAID, GUE, NACD, NSS-CDS etc. ACE requires any instructor and their agency wishing to use ACE access to conduct training to be affiliated with us, meet our Regulations and follow the minimum requirements of the training agency they are teaching for. 


  • Promote and facilitate access to caves.
  • Promote the exploration, mapping, and conservation of caves.
  • Cultivate and promote the benefits cave diving provides to the community, landowners and the environment.
  • Support Training Agencies to provide internationally recognised training for underwater overhead environments.
  • Foster a culture of safety, inclusivity and community in cave diving.
  • Grow the popularity of cave diving as a recreational pursuit.


ACE is governed by a Board of Directors with all Directors and Officer Bearers being volunteer positions.

The current Board Of Directors consists of:

  • President – Tim Muscat                      Mob: 0422 127  802
  • Standards – Robert Main Mob: 0411 519 825
  • Secretary – Ben Claydon                    Mob 0418 533 165
  • Site – Patrick Fitzgerald                      Mob 0439 337 805
  • Treasurer – Ryan Kaczkowski           Mob 0403 700 073
  • Public Officer – Patrick Fitzgerald

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Frequently asked questions

Why create a new cave diving Association? 

All founding Directors are passionate cave divers and agreed there was a need for freedom of choice on who represents them, who provides access and under which agency they gain their cave diving certifications.

We were further encouraged when landowners and Council representatives expressed their desire to have more international and interstate guests visit this region, providing valuable tourism income (covid notwithstanding).

What training do you offer?

All ACE training and certifications are through internationally recognised training agencies and provided by independent Instructors registered with 

ACE which ensure our divers are prepared for diving internationally, the training remains relevant, up to date and universally recognised. At the time of writing we have officially recognised Technical Diving International (TDI) training programs and instructors, the call is out to all other internationally recognised diver training agencies with cave diving programs to contact us and have their programs and Instructors added to our recognised list.  

I’m a cave diving instructor, can I teach cave diving courses using ACE access? 

There are a few steps involved to be registered to teach using ACE access. 

First, the training agency you teach for needs to be recognised by us to allow its instructors to teach under our access. 

Some of the criteria they have to prove is instructor course minimum experience requirements, topics covered and quality control processes. 

Second you need to apply to be a registered instructor. You will need to provide evidence of certification as a cave diving instructor, third party liability insurance covering cave diving, a minimum of 20 cave dives in the region you wish to teach and proof of authority to work in Australia, such as a working visa or permanent residency/citizenship.

In all it’s a simple and streamlined process.

I am already a cave diver; will my certifications be recognised?

We recognise the certifications provided by almost all training agencies that offer cave diving training and are World Recreational Scuba Training Council (WRSTC) members. We also recognise some certifications by agencies that are not, such as the NACD and CDAA. 

This means that if you have a certification issued by one of the recognised agencies, you can join up and be a member. We do not mandate crossover courses or assessments, but we do require all members to pass a short online quiz on our Constitution, Regulations and site access rules. This ensures that you are aware of the regionally specific diving conditions and our rules governing our conduct and safety practices to provide safe and equitable cave diving site access to as many persons as possible. 

I’m an international or interstate diver and only want to visit the region once a year at the most, do you have visitor permits? 

We have based our organisation on visiting divers, in reality there’s only a handful of local cave divers. We don’t have a visitor permit as we believe that all members should have equal rights.

That is why we have created the one year and one-month membership terms.

For interstate or international divers, you can sign up for one month just before your trip to cave country and enjoy all the benefits of full membership during your stay, but not have to pay for it for the rest of the time when you’re not using it. There is no limit to how many one-month memberships you purchase in a lifetime, or even in a year, but it is about half that of a full year to cover administration and insurance costs.

Do I receive a membership or certification card?

We are looking towards a sustainable future and in this pursuit we have endeavoured to reduce or eliminate the environmentally unsustainable use of hardcopy for applications, memberships and membership/certification cards. This is why all indemnities, applications and forms are in a digital format and your membership card is in the form of a digital card. This has opened up some new opportunities, such as the ability to check other members have the correct credentials to dive a particular site or if you allow it, for your contact details to be searched by other members to arrange dives!

What happens if a Member doesn’t follow the rules?

We are very serious about ensuring our members abide by our Constitution and Regulations which were written to maintain safety, access and general behaviour standards. We do not however see ourselves as a policing authority, we encourage our members to self regulate and solve issues at the lowest possible level. If the organisation is involved, our processes for investigation and deliberation follow best practice and give all members ample opportunity to represent themselves, or to be represented. Our matrix for penalties is designed around the premise of re-education and re-offence minimisation, only in the most serious safety or conservation breaches are suspension or exclusion considered. 

Explorers is in the name, is it just a name?

Our founding directors are passionate cave explorers. We have formed our Association around the premise that exploration feeds new diving opportunities. It is so engrained into our beliefs that the second objective of the Association (after provide dive site access) is to promote the exploration, and conservation of caves. Stay tuned for public invitations to exploration projects and some really exciting announcements on what we have recently discovered!

We can now offer an alternative, forward-looking and contemporary organisation that has had its constitution and regulations deliberately written to ensure inclusivity, fairness, openness and above all that the organisation remains focused on providing access to cave diving sites to its Members.

It is only looking positive for the future of cave diving in Australia and we welcome you to join us and make a contribution!