Australian cave explorers

Instructor application

ACE STandards for becoming an instructor

  1. 5.4  Recognised Instructors

    Before an instructor can conduct overhead training utilising access arranged through the Association, the Instructor must first become a Recognised Instructor through the Association. This ensures instructors meet the standards of liability insurance, quality and experience required to conduct safe, internationally recognised training programs.

  2. 5.5  Becoming a Recognised Instructor

    The Board is not bound to approve an application and may reject it on grounds of reputation, previous disciplinary issues or Quality Control issues. In order to apply to become a Recognised Instructor, the applicant must apply in writing to the Board and provide proof of the following information:

    1. 5.5.1  Be a current full Member of the Association with no pending or current disciplinary issues.

    2. 5.5.2  Provide proof of Overhead diver instructor level.

    3. 5.5.3  Provide a letter from a recognised training agency of which the applicant is a member that

      the Member is current, authorised to teach overhead diving and has no pending or current

      Quality control issues.

    4. 5.5.4  Provide proof of third-party liability insurance that covers cave diving and lists Australian

      Cave Explorers Incorporated as an indemnified party.

    5. 5.5.5  Provide proof of Authority to work in Australia. (Citizenship, Permanent Residency or Work


    6. 5.5.6  Provide proof of 20 full cave dives in the area they wish to teach.

    7. 5.5.7  Provide a letter of recommendation from a current Recognised Instructor within the


5.6 Maintaining Recognised Instructor Status

A Recognised Instructors’ status will expire on the date of the Instructor’s liability insurance policy expiry. In order for a Member to maintain Recognised Instructor status the Instructor must provide proof of meeting clause 5.5 on the renewal of their liability insurance policy.

5.7 Instructor Minimum Experience Prerequisites

Instructors enrolling students into training are to ensure the students meet the following prerequisites. In the case where the Training Agency’s prerequisite standards are higher, that Agency’s prerequisites apply. Members conducting training that use access outside the Association will have to gain the prerequisite experience before access level upgrade is approved.

5.7.1 Cavern Diver

  1.  Advanced Adventure diver or equivalent from an RSTC Member Training Agency.

  2.  Deep Diver Specialty or equivalent from an RSTC Member Training Agency

  3.  50 logged dives with 5 dives deeper than 20m and 2 night dives and a minimum of 10

    dives in the previous 12 months.

5.7.2 Intro to Cave Diver A Diver may enroll in back to back Cavern and Intro to Cave courses. 5.7.3 Full Cave Diver

  1.  Intro to Cave Diver Certification

  2.  25 Cavern/ Intro to Cave dives totaling a minimum of 20 hours.

5.7.4 Stage Cave Diver

  1.  Full Cave Diver Certification

  2.  20 Full Cave dives totaling a total of 15 hours.

  3.  Experience diving 2 different regions. 

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