Pines Cave

Pines Cave is one of the most frequently-dived caves in the Green Triangle Forest Reserve. The entrance is an easy walk down a metal staircase into the water. The main chamber descends to ~17m before it is necessary to weave between rock collapses to reach the silty bottom “white rooms” at ~28m. 

Intro to cave divers are not permitted to navigate the restriction known as the TV Room. 

The ‘Full Cave’ section of the site lies to the North and is separated by a “Stop” sign. Intro to Cave divers are not permitted to pass this point of the cave.  

After passing the stop sign, travelling straight will take you into the ‘Big Room’ or immediately turning right will bring you to the orange fixed line that runs to the ‘Dark Room’. 

A jump from the dark room leads you into a tunnel known as the ‘Surprise Tunnel’ at ~33m. 2 Orange arrows indicate a jump to the left which takes you to the deepest point of the cave known as the ‘Bunyips Den’ at 42m. 

Continuing straight down the ‘Surprise Tunnel ‘will lead you vertically, through some restriction up the ‘Chimney’ to the ‘CCR Room’ which becomes as shallow as 5m. 

Complex dive planning an experience are necessary to dive to the CCR room as multiple jumps, complex navigation, restrictions decompression and gas management are imperative. ACE divers are urged to adopt a progressive penetration technique and are not encouraged to dive to the ‘CCR Room’ until they have familiarised themselves with the ‘Surprise Tunnel’ on a seperate dive so that their gas and decompression obligations are better understood.